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Two-Factor Authentication at NC State: Poole College of Management
Don't be confused by its many names, whether it's multi-factor, 2-step, or two-factor -- just think of it as an extra layer of security for your most important NC State accounts and services. Here at NC State, we use two different multi-factor solutions: Google 2-Step verification for Google accounts, and Duo to protect Shibboleth-connected services, like MyPackPortal and WolfWare. 

In this class, you'll learn the risks to you and to campus from phishing and other cyber criminals, the benefits of two factor authentication, and how two-factor protects you (and campus) from cyber threats. 

  • Participants have the option of setting up their account with Duo and Google 2-Step verification during this session.
  • Those interested should bring a mobile device to complete the set up process and have the Duo mobile application already installed (available via iOS, Android, Windows, & Blackberry app stores). 
Workshop Pre-Requisites
This workshop is intended for faculty and staff in the Poole College of Management.
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