OUC API Version 1.0

How to use the OUC API

Using the API is very simple. There are two basic methods, getOuc and search. You can get data returned as either XML or JSON, the choice is yours. XML is returned by default. To return JSON, specify the json as the 'format' parameter to the end of your request (http://webapps.ncsu.edu/ouc?method=getOuc&ouc=010&format=json

Methods and Parameters


getOuc requires an ouc be set in the query string. It will return the OUC and department description for the requested OUC, or return nothing if the OUC can't be found.

Example: http://webapps.ncsu.edu/ouc?method=getOuc&ouc=010


getAll will return the complete list of OUCs in our database. An optional parameter for "order" can be passed to order by ouc or description.

Example: http://webapps.ncsu.edu/ouc?method=getAll&order=ouc